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In life, it may happen that the borrower is unable to fulfill his loan obligations in full. In this case, you have to look for a way out of this situation. Credit holidays can be a solution. But for their registration, you must indicate a good reason and evidence.
In order for employees to consider the possibility of providing credit holidays, you need to have a restructuring application, a copy of the work book with a record of the employee’s dismissal and a copy of the birth certificates of children.
To get a vacation at Sberbank, use several steps: the first step is to create a loan application at Sberbank for a loan leave. The second step is to present the required documents to the employee.
Wait for a decision. As a general rule, consideration of applications takes a lot of time. After that, Sberbank begins to make a decision. With a positive decision, there will be a good opportunity to sign an agreement to the loan contract. And if negative, you need to have documents indicating the reasons. If you want to get a deferral for the borrower, then clarify all the circumstances in the bank for its presentation. When registering, indicate your surname with first name, contract number and a suitable option for a credit vacation. Attach documents to the application that will confirm the impossibility of making payments. Dismissal is confirmed by a work book. If there is no loan payment due to illness, a medical card is provided.
It is not worth resorting to a deferral service. Such registration has a detrimental effect on obtaining a large loan. Try not to see deferral as the best option.
To prevent the borrower from being blacklisted, one of the types of deferral must be provided. If the borrower fulfills the partial credit holidays, he will have the opportunity to continue to fulfill his obligations to the bank.
For the bank, you need to obtain proof of any creditworthiness. During the grace period, financial concerns should be reported. If there is an additional source, please indicate everything in the application.
The application of such recommendations will help in the correct design of credit holidays.