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It is difficult to imagine the life of modern people without social networks. Previously, it was just fun among schoolchildren, the possibility of remote communication and sending each other funny pictures or news. Nowadays, a lot of business people are negotiating, making appointments, hiring employees in their companies, creating advertisements for themselves and their businesses on social networks.
This is a great success for a lot of scammers. Using hacking skills, such people can get maximum information about their victim, not excluding bank accounts.
Rules for the safe use of social networks
Hackers use a variety of methods to obtain information about their victim.
One of the tricks is links. You need to be careful about links sent by friends or strangers. By clicking on them, it is possible to introduce a virus into a computer, phone or other device.
Applications that “help” to gain access to the possibilities of social networks closed from other people can also be developed by scammers. Through such programs, hackers have the ability to steal the login and password from the account.
Another way to steal a username and password can be a message from the “administration” with a request to follow the attached link. The design of the site to which the user will go can be absolutely identical to the one that was just left. When you try to enter data, it is possible to permanently lose access to your account.
If there is a need to access social networks via a phone or tablet, then you should download only proven applications or go to the page through a browser.
It is worth linking your account to a phone number. Scammers often use a password reminder service to obtain data. In this case, if the site offers, then you can come up with a question that you can enter if necessary.
It’s important not to share too much about yourself on social media. It is difficult to say exactly what and when hackers will need it, so there is no need to send data from a passport and other similar information via social networks.
It is also necessary to pay attention to the applications that offer to download within the social network. Part of the social networks enjoy the support of such applications. These add-ons often request access to personal data. Of course, it is very convenient to steal account information through such an application, so you shouldn’t install all of them. Usually, if an add-on is popular, then the likelihood that it will contain hacker features is very low. Most often, scam apps promise to provide access to hidden social features. networks. Such additions should be wary of.
You need to be careful about the various messages, links and applications to use your social media accounts safely. It is important to remember that scammers are everywhere and they are always ready to seize the moment to get information about their victim, so caution never hurts not only the user of social networks, but the Internet as a whole.