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There are specialists in the crypto asset market who help to get clients out of their predicaments, such as Mark Jones. Most recently, he helped the owner of a large company, Lyme Robertson, who lost one hundred bitcoins due to a fraudulent scam. Robertson agreed to invest in a crypto project over the phone. As it turned out, they connected to his telephone line for illegal wiretapping. Then the hacker, who introduced himself as the project manager, sent him an email with an email address for transferring bitcoins. Eighty bitcoins ended up on the Coinbase exchange, but the court issued an order to freeze them.
After lengthy legal disputes, bitcoins were declared property by the British Supreme Court. Now it is easier for the victims of scammers to return the stolen cryptocurrency or freeze it where the scammers hid it.
The status of bitcoins in the United States has long been defined as property. Therefore, if you know the identity of the offender and have received a court permit, then you can make an attempt to return the stolen bitcoins, or the sheriff may confiscate his property. Benjamin Sauter has already helped several CEOs of cryptocurrency management firms and luxury goods marketplace The White Company recover the stolen cryptocurrency from the Cointal exchange. Which has now been eliminated. According to some experts, this exchange was run by scammers. Cointal employees, in collusion with scammers, manipulated transactions on various exchanges, but the owner of the company, Elizabeth White, was able to return $ 2.7 million.
Unfortunately, not all victims of fraudulent actions can get their money back. Therefore, be careful and protect your money and personal data. In the above examples, we introduced you to some of the methods for returning cryptocurrency.