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Today, a credit card is the most convenient means of payment. It eliminates the need to carry cash with you, constantly go to the bank for a loan when you need to buy something significant and allows you to conveniently pay for any purchases. Of course, her credit limit is not the most outstanding, but it is more than enough to cover daily expenses.
In Russia, such a payment instrument is not yet as widespread as in Western countries. However, even in our country, cards are used more and more often. It can be issued in almost any bank, but the conditions for issuing cards vary greatly. Somewhere they only ask for a passport, and in another organization you need to confirm wages or look for income certificates.
Even banks do not often offer a grace period for lending, but high rates, on the contrary, are not so uncommon. So they try to protect themselves from possible risks. But proven borrowers are offered special, favorable conditions.
How to quickly get a credit card on favorable terms?
It is better to contact the organization where you have your own account, or have already used loan products before. In this case, refusals are rare, and the conditions for issuing a loan are the most favorable. If you receive a card for the first time, contact a credit broker!