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A credit card today will be useful not only for storing money on it and paying for purchases, but also for the purpose of obtaining urgent loans. And these actions will not be able to exhaust its functionality by all “100%”. Also, in relation to credit cards, we can talk about various bonuses, discounts or interest and other benefits.
Recently, credit cards have become more and more popular. And if in Russia not everyone has credit cards yet, then in the West a person who has the right to issue loans has several cards at a time. Our financial system is still developing in accordance with global standards and norms, so a few years later, having two or more cards from one owner at a time will become the norm.
Today, any of the credit organizations have several offers for a credit card at once. The conditions in each case will be different, therefore, in order to become the owner of the maximum benefit, it is worth possessing several cards at the same time. Also today, many of the banks offer their potential customers to apply for a loan using a credit card. Therefore, fierce competition is born between monofunctional organizations. To win in it, it becomes necessary to stand out favorably against the background of other structures. Therefore, every day new unique bonuses appear. For example, such as transferring bonus funds to a cell phone, paying for gasoline, part of the purchase price.
And if you regularly use Aeroflot services, then it would be nice to receive some kind of bonus for purchasing air tickets. It will be possible to do this by issuing a single credit card of the bank and the airline. The amount of bonuses in this case can be calculated based on the cost of the ticket or the distance traveled. Bonuses can be spent on a partial payment for the purchased ticket, or on an upgrade.
If you have a car, regular refueling of the car becomes important for you. Gasoline is getting more expensive every day, and competition among the numerous gas stations is increasing. Therefore, it becomes beneficial for both parties to have a joint credit card. In such a case, bonuses can be spent both on the purchase of additional liters of gasoline and on gifts useful for any of the motorists. It is possible that you will have your own discount only for the fact that you pay using a card, and not for cash. The same can be said when paying for purchases in some stores.
There is also another type of bonus that will be credited to you, on the contrary, if you do not spend the money on your credit card. This is already a kind of deposit.