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Are you nowhere approved for a loan or microloan? It may not be approved for a number of reasons: either the bank believes that you will not be able to pay, or you simply have a bad credit history. The bank, as a rule, does not provide this reason, so you remain in the dark and do not know why they cannot approve the loan.
In order to find the very bank that will approve the loan, you can use a special service called Cashbooster is a service where all banks are collected, especially those that issue loans with bad credit history. does not select an individual list for each person, but helps you choose a bank with a lower interest rate and more favorable conditions.
First of all, we must choose the purpose of the loan: a car loan, a credit card or something else. Next, we move on to the choice of banks, you can choose a specific one. Below you indicate the region in which you are located. Use the slider to indicate the desired amount and click on the “pick up” button. The service will select banks where you can get a loan.
What is the difference between an application on the website and an independent application on the bank’s website? When you switch from the website to the form of obtaining a loan, the chance of issuing increases to about a hundred percent, you can get a loan even with a bad credit history.