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It was ranked 29th in the top 30 banks in Russia. His participation could be seen in the political life of the country. The Russian authorities advertised this bank almost openly. What had to happen for him to start having problems that most resemble bankruptcy? It is obvious that the bank’s management made mistakes. What kind of these mistakes, financial irregularities, or illegal financing, it does not matter now. It is important that the power financial structure represented by the Central Bank reacted to them.
Problems. Central Bank and Prosecutor’s Office.
The bank’s license was revoked, external management was introduced, and Ugra depositors, of whom there were unexpectedly many, could not receive their deposits. It was profitable to invest, there was no reason to suspect the bank, which enjoyed the confidence of the state, of bankruptcy. However, the Central Bank found violations and reacted by revoking the license. Every bank has violations that have been discovered. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Obviously, they tried to save the bank from bankruptcy. The Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation tried to cancel the order to revoke the license and introduce external administration. But the arbitration court, time after time, confirmed the legality of the actions of the Central Bank in relation to the Yugra Bank. This was in the court of first and appeal. All decisions entered into legal force.
Problem solving for clients.
Investors who actually lost their money, decided to support by paying them insurance compensation on all deposits, 100%, but in total, no more than 1.4 million rubles on hand. What kind of payments, large or small, can be judged by the endless protests and trials that continue from 2017 to 2019, and there is no end in sight. It should be noted that the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation opposes these payments. But, in most cases, this amount satisfied many investors. By habit, no one puts all the eggs in one basket, and if one bank goes bankrupt, then there are other banks, and deposits in them. Of course, losing 10 million and getting compensation of 1.4 million is a shame, but these are the laws of business.