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The benefits of safer credit card payments have long been recognized. Even though identity theft and credit card fraud are happening now, they are still one of the safest and most affordable payment methods.
All credit card organizations will provide you with an emergency number so you can call if your card is lost or stolen, and in the vast majority of cases, any loss incurred by your account will be fully reimbursed by the card providers.
This will happen only if you did not participate or are not guilty of fraud, for example, you did not provide your data to unfamiliar people. Therefore, if your card or information from it is stolen, as a rule, you should not worry, just inform the emergency number immediately about it. A duplicate card will be sent to you very quickly.
Another advantage of credit cards over cash is that they can be easily used abroad. The currencies of many countries have long been internationally recognized. While you can only pay with cash in your own country, credit cards are accepted in a huge number of places around the world. Once you get off the plane, especially if you are traveling in a number of countries, credit cards are an invaluable means of payment wherever you are.
Another huge benefit of credit cards is that there is a rapid growth of online stores now, and it is easy to pay with a card in any of them. Nowadays, there are thousands of trading websites around the world, and if you have a credit card, you will instantly pay for the items you like.
Gone are the days when you had to send checks or orders by mail. Now, thanks to new payment systems, individuals can even accept payments on their credit cards, thus funding their account. Only you should take care that your personal information and payment details do not fall into the hands of scammers and conduct business either through an intermediary, or only through a company that you fully trust.
The downside to credit cards is that they can cost you money. You will pay interest on balances that you carry over from one month to the next, and when using your credit card abroad, you will have to pay additional fees to the card provider.