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Banks in the world of finance occupy one of the most important positions. Banks are associated with such concepts as reliability, business success. Of course, in this regard, the responsibility of banking institutions is very high. Unlike companies with a different focus, for example trading, which are registered in offshore zones in bulk, offshore banks …

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It is difficult to imagine the life of modern people without social networks. Previously, it was just fun among schoolchildren, the possibility of remote communication and sending each other funny pictures or news. Nowadays, a lot of business people are negotiating, making appointments, hiring employees in their companies, creating advertisements for themselves and their businesses …

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When drawing up a loan agreement and issuing funds to a specific client, the lender of a banking organization cannot predict the possible outcome, and therefore situations often occur when the borrower, either due to dishonesty, or due to financial problems, or for some other reason, ceases to carry out obligatory payments under the loan …

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